a small script to generate some random lucky numbers

A WordPress theme beer related

my CV, online

The new WordPress theme for danix.xyz

A WordPress plugin to include asciinema videos inside your site

A WordPress plugin to show a signature under every post

A WordPress contact form plugin

A WordPress plugin to show a simple countdown

A WordPress plugin to pull stats from the linux counter

A set of scripts to "rice" rofi

Site plugin for danix.xyz

A WordPress plugin to substitute the original user panel

A WordPress plugin to read stats from wordpress.org hosted plugins

My collection of dotfiles to setup the desktop environment on my computer

a theme for WordPress

my git shell commands

danix inspired gitlist theme

The new theme for gitlist on danix.xyz

A build environment for LXQT on Slackware64-current

bash completion file for slackrepo

The theme for my website 'danix.xyz'

A bash script to manage a local lamp environment for development

bash script collection to manage local WordPress installs