My work

Welcome to my git repository. Here's what I've been working on in the past, today, and what I'll be (probably) working on in the future.

Feel free to have a look at the code I've written and don't hesitate to drop me a few lines if you want to.

I wish you a great day!

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Project Description Last Change
my-dotfiles.git A collection of customizations for ricing my linux box 3 weeks ago
lxqt-slackware.git A set of SlackBuild scripts to bring LXQT on Slackware current 5 weeks ago
danixland-site-plugin.git The WordPress site plugin for 2 months ago
danixland-covid-italy.git A WordPress plugin to keep track of the covid19 situation in italy 2 months ago
dagreynix.git The latest WordPress theme for 2 months ago
danixland-contact-form.git A WordPress plugin that displays a contact form 2 months ago
danixland-gravatar.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 3 months ago
sog_simplify.git The old theme for 3 months ago
vuetest.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 4 months ago
webdevel.git Local web development environment 4 months ago
gitlist_danixxyz.git Custom theme for gitlist 7 months ago
sb-danix.git Some Slackbuilds I wrote 8 months ago
git_shell.git A collection of scripts to be used with the limited git shell 9 months ago
slackrepo-completion.git bash completion file for slackrepo 9 months ago
danixland-rofi.git A custom theme for rofi 15 months ago
10elotto.git A small random number generator to push your luck 16 months ago
curriculum.git The web version of my Curriculum Vitae 2 years ago
danixland-wporg-stats.git A WordPress plugin that fetches and display stats about your hosted plugins 2 years ago
danixland-author-signature.git A WordPress plugin that displays a custom signature under a blog post 2 years ago
fluentemente.git An old WordPress theme 2 years ago
danixland-lico.git A WordPress plugin that shows the linuxcounter number using the new API 2 years ago
py_wpcomments.git An old project to view WordPress comments using python and xmlrpc API 2 years ago
brewery.git A WordPress theme that smells like beer. 2 years ago
danixland-user-panel.git A WordPress plugin that customizes the meta widget 2 years ago
danixland-countdown.git A WordPress plugin that displays a countdown in a widget 2 years ago
danixland-asciinema.git A WordPress plugin to display asciinema screen recordings 2 years ago
wp_manager.git A bash script to manage local WordPress installs 2 years ago