descriptionthese are my cad files, I use mostly solvespace to author them
last changeWed, 19 May 2021 15:12:52 +0000 (17:12 +0200)
2021-05-19  danixadded 0.2mm tolerance master
2021-05-15  danixadded notch in all laptop stand files. Needs tolerance...
2021-05-13  danixremoved extrude
2021-05-13  danixadded logo file
2021-05-13  danixExported ok to stl. Solvespace still complains about...
2021-05-13  danixtesting assembly. Still problematic edges detected.
2021-05-12  danixAdded assembly file. Edited all outer circles to accoun...
2021-05-12  danixbasic design for the laptop stand is in place. Needs...
2021-05-12  danixmodified base hole
2021-05-12  danixremoved generic laptop stand file
2021-05-12  danixadded tolerance test components. Needs assembly
2021-05-07  danixInitial commit in my laptop stand project
2021-05-04  danixAbbassato di un ulteriore cm l'altezza totale dello...
2021-05-04  danixInitial commit
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