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LXQT On Slackware ================= If you want to install and use LXQT on Slackware, you need more than just the packages in the lxqt package directory for Slackware 14.2 or -current. All of the below are also required if you want to compile LXQT yourself. Openbox ------- LXQT needs a Window Manager, it does not have one itself. LXQT will offer you a choice of fvwm2, xfwm4, fluxbox on its first start but you can also install openbox. If you do prefer openbox, get these two packages from my 'slackbuilds' repository, : obconf openbox Dependencies ------------ Openbox is a dependency for compiling obconf-qt but if you are not interested in using openbox you can skip installing openbox and compiling obconf-qt. The real mandatory dependencies are related to Qt5 and the KDE Frameworks, upon which LXQT was built. Therefore the following packages should be obtained from my 'ktown'repository, below the directory specific to your Slackware release and architecture. More specifically from its subdirectories 'deps', 'kde/frameworks', 'kde/plasma' and 'kde/plasma-extra': # deps: libdbusmenu-qt5 libinput libxkbcommon polkit-qt5-1 qt5 qt5-webkit wayland # kde/frameworks: attica-framework baloo5 bluez-qt breeze-icons extra-cmake-modules frameworkintegration kactivities-framework kactivities-stats kapidox karchive kauth kbookmarks kcmutils kcodecs kcompletion kconfig kconfigwidgets kcoreaddons kcrash kdbusaddons kdeclarative kded kdelibs4support kdesignerplugin kdesu kdewebkit kdnssd kdoctools kemoticons kfilemetadata5 kglobalaccel kguiaddons khtml ki18n kiconthemes kidletime kimageformats kinit kio kitemmodels kitemviews kjobwidgets kjs kjsembed kmediaplayer knewstuff knotifications knotifyconfig kpackage kparts kpeople kplotting kpty kross krunner kservice ktexteditor ktextwidgets kunitconversion kwallet kwidgetsaddons kwindowsystem kxmlgui kxmlrpcclient modemmanager-qt networkmanager-qt oxygen-icons5 plasma-framework solid sonnet threadweaver # plasma: libkscreen2 # plasma-extra: sddm-qt5 Finally, you need the following packages from my main slackbuilds repository at : libstatgrab muparser