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# danixland-rofi A set of scripts for my personal Rofi theme. Follow the instructions and it should be pretty much drop and play, but it might need a little editing if your screen size is different or if you don't like the color scheme. The files are imported one on top of the other in a way similiar to Sass, so the screen resolution file and the color scheme file are in two separated files that can be tweaked without having to modify the whole theme. ## Getting Started Copy the content of the **scripts** directory wherever you put your personal scripts, I use `~/bin` for my user scripts or `/usr/local/bin` for system wide scripts that can be used by all users on my system. In this case I have everything inside my home. ``` cp ~/Downloads/danixland-rofi/scripts/*.sh ~/bin chmod 755 ~/bin/danixland-*.sh ``` Now copy the content of the **theme** directory inside `~/.config/rofi/themename` (change theme name to whatever you want to call it) and change "themename" to whatever you called it, inside every single bash script. ``` mkdir ~/.config/rofi/danixland cd ~/.config/rofi/danixland cp -R ~/Downloads/danixland-rofi/theme/* . ``` ``` vim ~/bin/ ``` If you want you can rename the scripts as well. It's up to you. This theme uses the [Hurmit Nerd Font]( for the icons you see on the buttons, if you want to use a different font you might need to adjust all the paddings. To check if an icon is available on the Hurmit Nerd Font you can go to [Nerd Font Cheat Sheet]( website and search for it. ### Prerequisites Of course you need [rofi]( installed in your system. In case you want to modify the theme you might need to have a look at [the wiki on how rasi themes work](, it's a dialect of CSS so it shouldn't be difficult. Being familiar with bash scripting might be useful ;) ### Does it looks like a bitch??!! Here's what the theme looks like: >Some of these screenshots are old and you'll notice the icons are a bit offset and not very well centered. I fixed that inside the theme files. ![The power menu]( "The power menu") The power menu with shutdown, reboot, lock, suspend, close session options ![The applications list]( "The applications list") An application list with icons ![The ssh quick connection list]( "The ssh quick connection list") rofi reads the config for ssh inside your home and gives you a menu with your connections. ![The window list]( "The window list") A list of currently open windows, both for the local desktop or global. ![The scrot menu]( "The scrot menu") A simple scrot menu. ![The utils menu]( "The utils menu") Some utility scripts that I run usually. Here you can see one to change the wallpaper and another one to start the local web server on my laptop. ## Built With * Patience, really.. it's all that easy. * This theme uses the [Hurmit Nerd Font]( for his icons. ## Authors * **danix** - *Author* - []( ## License This project is free to use. Take it and do whatever you want with it!! ## Acknowledgments * [vahnrr]( is the original author of the rofi theme from which I took inspiration. I just adapted his work to my system and personal taste, so all the credits go back to him.