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=== danixland-countdown === Contributors: danixland Donate link: Tags: widget, sidebar, countdown, Requires at least: 3.4 Tested up to: 4.4 Stable tag: 0.4 This plugin adds a simple widget and shows a countdown to a future date. == Description == danixland-countdown is a simple plugin that adds a widget you can load on your sidebar which will show a simple countdown to a future date that you can set. this plugin makes use of a simple css stylesheet that you can enable or disable at will. You can also link the countdown to whatever url you want. == Installation == Installing danixland-countdown is straightforward and requires just a few seconds: If you use the **"Add New Plugin"** pane from your dashboard just install it and activate it, then proceed to the last step and configure it. Otherwise follow these steps: 1. Download the latest version of the plugin. 1. If using the "Install Plugins->Upload" section on the WordPress admin area just upload the zip file, otherwise unpack the zip file and upload the **"danixland-countdown"** directory inside the "wp-content/plugins" directory of your WordPress installation using your favourite ftp client. 1. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. 1. Configure the widget from the Appearance->Widgets page in your Admin area and add it to your sidebar. == Frequently Asked Questions == = What can I do to customize even more the appearance of the widget? = You can disable the css stylesheet provided with the plugin, but it will also disable the use of the custom digital font shipped with it. If you want to override the css without disabling it you can edit the style of the div with id **#dnx-countdown**, it contains all the output by this plugin. = I like the font shipped with this plugin, can I use it somewhere else? = The font is free for home use, it was created for the shareware program Calculator-7 by It can be used in other projects as long as they are free, just by giving credit to the author at the website == Screenshots == 1. The widget as seen in the "Available Widgets" panel in your Widgets Admin page. 2. The widget settings, available once you put it in your sidebar. 3. The jQuery datepicker dialog visible once you click on the date input. 4. The widget as seen on a page using the twentythirteen theme. == Changelog == = 0.4 = * Updated Plugin to the new Plugins API. Minimum WordPress requirement is now 3.4 * Dropped use of external jQuery lib in favor of html5 date picker. = 0.3 = * Added various functions that take care of uninstalling all the data when the plugin is disabled. = 0.1 = * This is the first release. == Upgrade Notice == = 0.4 = * It's highly recommended to upgrade since previous versions of the plugin made use of the old Plugins API and are deprecated with versions of WordPress starting from 3.4 == ToDo list == List is actually empty, but I'm open to suggestions. == Translations == None as of now. This plugin ships with a .pot file that will allow you to create a translation in your language. If you want it to be added to this plugin contact me and I'll add it and put a link to your WordPress profile here in this section.