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=== danixland author signature === Contributors: danixland Donate link: Tags: author, signature, custom, post Requires at least: 4.0 Tested up to: 4.5 Stable tag: 1.1 License: GPLv2 or later License URI: A secure, simple yet powerful contact form for your website. == Description == **danixland-author-signature** is a very simple plugin that allows you to upload a signature image to be displayed at the bottom of blog posts in single view. The entire plugin is **translation ready** and ships with an italian translation, together with a .POT file to help you translate it in every language you may need. == Installation == 1. Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins/danixland-author-signature` directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly. 1. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress 1. Go to your profile page to upload your signature image. 1. browse to `Settings -> Author Signature` to setup the look and feel of the signature image as it will be displayed in single blog posts. == Frequently Asked Questions == = How can I style the plugin to look like my theme? = every tag that's output by the plugin has either a class or an id attached to it, so that you can style it the way you want it. = I'm stuck with your plugin and don't seem to be able to customize it/make it work, can you help me? = Of course, you can ask for help on [the forums]( or write a comment on the main article for this plugin on [my site](, I'll reply ASAP ;) = I'd like this plugin to be translated in my language, can you do this for me? = **danixland author signature** ships with a .POT file that can be used to create a translation of the plugin in your language, so if you're familiar with english you can help by providing a translation and it will be added to future versions of the plugin along with a link to your profile on these pages ;) To provide a translation simply edit the file "danixland-author-signature.pot" and fill every line with the traduction in your language, then save it as *yourlanguagecode.po* (E.G. it_IT.po for Italian), then contact me via the forums or my site and I'll tell you how to send this file to me. I'll add your translation ASAP. A number of softwares exists to help you with .po files, like [POEdit]( or [Lokalize]( "for kde users") ####If you have any other questions feel free to ask == Screenshots == 1. The admin area menu showing the `Author Signature` option under the `Settings` menu. 2. The plugin settings page where you can adjust alignment and size of the signature image. 3. The bottom of the profile page, where you can upload your personal signature image. 4. Profile page bottom, displaying a preview of a signature 5. A signature as seen inside an article on the TwentyFifteen theme. == Changelog == = 1.1 = * Updated the plugin removal routine and fixed a small bug that allowed the signature to show up in every page on paginated posts instead of being displayed only on the last page. = 1.0 = * This is the first public release on the WordPress plugin directory. == Upgrade Notice == = 1.1 = * It is recommended that you upgrade since this update solves a few bugs in the code. == ToDo list == This list is actually empty, but I'm open to suggestions. == Translations == **danixland-author-signature** ships in English language with an optional Italian translation and a .POT template. If you want to contribute your own translation contact me and I'll add it.