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=== danixland-asciinema === Contributors: danixland Donate link: Tags: asciinema, shortcode, video Requires at least: 3.0.1 Tested up to: 4.9.6 Stable tag: 0.1 License: GPLv2 or later License URI: This plugin adds a shortcode that displays a video from <a href=""></a>. == Description == danixland-asciinema is a plugin that adds a new shortcode to be used whenever you want to embed a video from As stated on their website, asciinema (formerly is a free and open source solution for recording terminal sessions and sharing them on the web. It aims to be a "go to" place for every command-line user who wants to share their skills with others. Or putting it differently, it's a place to show off your geekiness. I decided to make this plugin because I was looking for a good and easy way to share a video from asciinema and I'm too lazy to dwelve into oEmbed :-D == Installation == Installing danixland-asciinema is straightforward and requires just a few seconds: If you use the **"Add New Plugin"** pane from your dashboard just install it and activate it, nothing to configure here, just go ahead and use it. Otherwise follow these steps: 1. Download the latest version of the plugin. 1. If using the "Install Plugins->Upload" section on the WordPress admin area just upload the zip file, otherwise unpack the zip file and upload the **"danixland-asciinema"** directory inside the "wp-content/plugins" directory of your WordPress installation using your favourite ftp client. 1. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress and you're ready to go!! == Frequently Asked Questions == = What are the options that I can use with the shortcode? = The most important option is the "video" which you can assign to the number of the video you want to embed, let's say you want to embed `` the shortcode whould be `[asciinema video=14829]` The full list of options is: * video * time * autoplay * loop * speed * theme You can read about their usage [on the website]( = I'm stuck with your plugin and don't seem to be able to customize it/make it work, can you help me? = Of course, you can ask for help on [the forums]( or write a comment on the main article for this plugin on [my site](, I'll reply ASAP ;) = I'd like this plugin to be translated in my language, can you do this for me? = This plugin doesn't output any text other than the video code, so it doesn't provide/need a translation ;) ####If you have any other questions feel free to ask == Screenshots == 1. The shortcode with few options as seen in the admin area of the website 2. A sample video displayed in single view with the TwentyFifteen theme == Changelog == = 0.1 = * This is the first version of the plugin. == Upgrade Notice == Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle! == ToDo list == List is actually empty, but I'm open to suggestions.