Added baguette.js to display a lightbox for images and galleries
[danixland-site-plugin.git] / danixland-site-plugin.php
2020-10-20  danixAdded baguette.js to display a lightbox for images... release_20102020-1415
2020-10-13  danixmodificato: danixland-site-plugin.php release_13102020-1744
2020-10-13  danixRemoved unused functions release_13102020-1743
2018-07-26  danixsurrounded google analytics code with cookie-notice...
2018-07-12  danixadded 'next page/page break' button to tinymce editor
2018-07-11  danixfixed typos
2018-07-11  danixremoved possibility to include shortcodes inside html...
2018-07-11  danixremoved code for wporg-stats since it's now redundand...
2018-07-10  danixinitial commit