2020-11-04  danixStyled the contact form for every view. master release_04112020-1842
2020-10-31  danixlinted all php files. Still need some major cleaning. release_31102020-1151
2020-10-31  danixchanged display of bottom links in medium view release_31102020-1055
2020-10-31  danixstyled avatar links in footer recent-comments widget... linkfix release_31102020-1044
2020-10-31  danixstyled footer covid widget in small view
2020-10-31  danixMoved animations to separate file. Styled links in...
2020-10-31  danixlinting all my scss files
2020-10-30  danixlinted _tools.scss
2020-10-30  danixAdded more options to stylelint
2020-10-30  danixAdded lint options for css. Linted _login.scss
2020-10-30  danixlinted index.php
2020-10-30  danixlinted page.php
2020-10-30  danixtesting linting
2020-10-30  danixtesting linting for php
2020-10-30  danixlinted functions.php
2020-10-30  danixadded phpcs settings for automatic linting of php files
2020-10-27  danixstyling links with the new "higlighter style"
2020-10-26  danixStyled links inside comments and not links containing... release_26102020-1843
2020-10-26  danixForgot about the smaller views. release_26102020-1733
2020-10-26  danixStyled normal links inside content area and footer release_26102020-1711
2020-10-22  danixStyled the dnxcovita widget release_22102020-1417
2020-10-20  danixAdded styling for google-authenticator field in login... release_20102020-1724
2020-10-20  danixignored .map file for all css files release_20102020-1723
2020-10-20  danixignored .map file for login stylesheet
2020-10-20  danixChanged link color in footer release_20102020-1604
2020-10-20  danixStyled footer consistently on all sizes release_20102020-1600
2020-10-20  danixfooter is now reflecting the header style release_20102020-1456
2020-10-20  danixremoved lightbox.js script which is redundant after... release_20102020-1425
2020-10-20  danixMoved <p> content to the left in large view. release_20102020-1423
2020-10-19  danixRemoved lightbox for now. release_19102020-1601
2020-10-16  danixAdded styling for post-format quote in large view. release_16102020-1901
2020-10-16  danixAdded template-quote and fixed line-height to 1.5 for... release_16102020-1654
2020-10-14  danixLoading highlight.js library in head release_14102020-1611
2020-10-14  danixAdded highlight.js library release_14102020-1557
2020-10-14  danixAdded padding to code snippets release_14102020-1524
2020-10-14  danixFixed navigation links in tablet view release_14102020-1523
2020-10-14  danixtags and categories lists are now uniform in search... release_14102020-1518
2020-10-14  danixShould have fixed the title issue in the tiles in homep... release_14102020-1433
2020-10-14  danixAdded word-wrap to homepage tiles for latest posts release_14102020-1428
2020-10-14  danixStyled the login screen consistent with the frontend. release_14102020-1426
2020-10-13  danixmodificato: style-source/style.scss release_13102020-1620
2020-10-13  danixmodificato: style-source/style.scss release_13102020-1619
2020-10-13  danixVersion bump to test deploy
2020-10-13  danixUniformed the styling of the main title with the stylin...
2020-10-13  danixRemoved labels from previous/next post and styled using...
2020-10-13  danixChanged style of the main header for the site.
2020-10-13  danixStyled the 404 template in large view.
2020-10-12  danixAdded 404 styling for large view. Styled comment form...
2020-10-11  danixAdded lazyload jquery plugin. Styling of the single...
2020-10-11  danixAdded lightbox for linked images. Initial styling of...
2020-10-11  danixAdded animate on scroll library for title. General...
2020-10-10  danixAdded large style files. Initial styling.
2020-10-09  danixFixed header colour in user panel widget.
2020-10-09  danixFixed the header image issue. Now single posts with...
2020-10-09  danixInitial implementation of the medium sized styling...
2020-10-07  danixAdded word-wrap to comment's body.
2020-10-02  danixadded templates for category, tag and author archives...
2020-10-01  danixNo changes, just a few commented out imports for the...
2020-10-01  danixStyled the search results and the navigation links...
2020-09-30  danixStyled pingbacks. Might need some more love.
2020-09-30  danixupdated button styling.
2020-09-30  danixStyled the "latest comments" widget on the footer.
2020-09-30  danixstyled the latest posts section in homepage.
2020-09-30  danixstyled the post hero in blog view. minor tweaks here...
2020-09-29  danixstyled comments and comment form for mobile view
2020-09-28  danixinitial styling of the comments section in mobile view.
2020-09-28  danixAdded form styling. now display is consistent even...
2020-09-26  danixinitial styling of the post's meta data. Fixed spacing...
2020-09-26  danixfixed error in js logic for the appearance of various...
2020-09-25  danixinitial styling of the various generic html elements.
2020-09-25  danixstyling of the user-panel widget is consistent now...
2020-09-24  danixstill styling the user-panel widget in "logged out...
2020-09-24  danixstyled the userpanel appearance
2020-09-24  danixfixed manifest.json. header styling continues in mobile...
2020-09-24  danixstyled the bottom bar. added font-icons. styled the...
2020-09-22  danixadded entypo web icon font
2020-09-22  danix modificato: .gitignore
2020-09-22  danixinitial styling, mobile first approach.
2020-09-21  danixUpdated Bourbon
2020-09-21  danix modificato: style-source/style.scss
2020-09-21  danix eliminato: style.css
2020-09-21  danixfixed typo in style.scss
2020-09-21  danixadded gitignore
2020-09-21  danixuniformed inclusion style
2020-09-20  danix modificato: style-source/style.scss
2020-09-20  danix modificato: style-source/style.scss
2020-09-20  danixdefaults updated
2020-09-20  danixresetted everything to 0
2020-09-20  danixtesting push to deploy
2020-09-20  danixanimation duration set to 1200ms
2019-09-28  danixWorking on animation of the header. I'm not sure which...
2019-09-17  danixadded AnimateOnDisplay library, initial styling of...
2019-09-12  danixorganizing the directory structure of the source for...
2019-09-10  danixchanged layout of header menu, added colors.scss and...
2019-09-10  danixadded hamburgers menu icons. Modified primary menu...
2019-09-10  danixremoved double function that was raising an error in php
2019-09-10  danixfixed naming convention for functions, added img direct...
2019-09-09  danixfixed versioning in login page to reflect new theme...
2019-09-09  danixAdded custom template for login page and various functi...
2019-09-09  danixRemoved calls to unused functionalities from original...